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What to see
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Situated in the centre of the Gulf of Tigullio, Rapallo owe to its enviable position the birth of a tourism started in the second half of the nineteenth century and continued until today thanks to its fame of a complete and cozy. tourist town.
Nestled among the green shores of the promontory of Portofino, and the rocky cliffs that separate it from Zoagli, it offers glimpses of panoramagreat beauty from the shore and from the charming hillside villages that surround it and offers pleasant walks and a rich network of hiking trails. Behind the town, the Shrine of N.S. di Montallegro (Our Lady of Montallegro) is visited by pilgrims from every part of Italy and it is reached by a cable car, which is the only one in the whole of Liguria, where you can enjoy a breath-taking view of the Gulf.
lungomareThe scenic waterfront promenade Vittorio Veneto, with a long line of palm trees and outdoor area of the premises overlooking the street, is the parlour of a town that lives in every season thanks to a dense fabric of society and commerce.

The old town of medieval origin, offers the possibility of an high level shopping in the many shops and cultural visits to interesting monuments: the Old Castle on the sea, the Civic Tower, the Basilica, the Monastery of the Poor Clares, and nearby, the ruins of the Abbey of Valle Christi.

Rapallo also offers to tourists and residents many cultural activities such as the Cultural Academy, the International Library, the Lace Museum and the Museum Gaffoglio, with concerts, conferences and exhibitions that take place throughout the year which encourage them to participate to a lively social life and never dull. The hotel also offers numerous sports facilities, suitable for all needs, from the prestigious golf course to 18 holes and the swimming complex, up to gyms for each discipline, kept alive by many sports associations.
A prestigious tourist port, accommodations including 40 hotels, 2 campsites, 4 farm holidays, more than 60 restaurants, a dozen beaches, as well as numerous bars and clubs, are the numbers of active hospitality all year round, thanks to the mild climate that makes the stay pleasant in the winter months, offering a slice of paradise a few kilometres from the mists of the river Po Valley.


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